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episode 4 the shake up podcast

Who’s Your Favourite: Introverts or Extroverts, with Tahryn Bolt

Today’s episode is an exciting one! Not only is it my first ever guest episode on The Shake Up Podcast, but I am talking with one of my all time favourite humans who happens to be a wizard with all things content.

Tahryn is the Biz Wizard behind The Social Bolt.

She’s a content wizard, a launch wizard AND a biz wizard (business coach for the muggles) – which makes her a tri-wizard aka a triple threat.

As a raging introvert she knows the secret to business success is to embrace your unique blend of magic and do business in a way that works for YOU.

She supports her clients to grow profitable and sustainable businesses and call in Beyonce level clients on repeat using the magic of a simplified strategy and magical marketing & messaging.

She’s built a 6-figure business based around the things she loves and being authentic AF in the process.

Tahryn works alongside her Barketing Manager Ned (her 9 year old Border Collie) and together they love to curl up on the couch, with a glass of red wine in hand, watching Harry Potter.

In today’s episode Tahryn and I talk about the differences between introverts and extroverts – but more surprisingly the similarities – and not from the outside, but from the inside.

So if you are ready to work out who is your favourite to work with – Introverts or Extroverts… let’s jump in.

In today’s episode we discuss:

🔸 What introverts and extroverts are and identifying what category you fall into

🔸 Being an introvert in business

🔸 Learning your strengths to maximize your functionality in business

🔸 Boundary setting in business for success

🔸 Breaking down your perception of ‘what you have to do’ in business and making your own rules

🔸 Fear of judgment

🔸 Following trends vs doing what feels good

🔸 Creating a business and life that excites you and that you love

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