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Values on the wall annoy me

When I worked in HR, I saw many examples of companies that had great values clearly listed out and promoted, however after working in those companies, my experience was very different to what was written on the wall.

It quickly became clear how important doing what you say you are going to do is and why I now work with both individuals and companies to identify and live in alignment with their own values.

Listen in as I go through the 3 things that need to be ticked off if you want to be a company that is serious about implementing AND upholding values in your workplace.

In today’s episode we discuss:
🔸 What are values and why are they are an important part of our lives
🔸 A shocking example of very large company that had great values (but reality was different)
🔸 The values I have in my business and how I implement them
🔸 How business’ can reinforce the importance of values and uphold them

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