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Rich Thayer: INSPIRED BY SHAKERS [Season 1]

Rich Thayer’s outlook on life is infectious to say the least. Rich is a devoted husband and father – a lover of life – the host of the Rich Thayer Show – a podcast where he covers topics of mindset, discipline, and all things personal development. 

You wouldn’t know it looking at him now – but Rich struggled with being overweight in his earlier years and well into his 20s and at the young age of 46  he is currently pursuing a path of fitness and accountability coaching to help other men who are battling with weight loss as well as helping them build physical and mental fitness. He is also admittedly a “delusional optimist” and plans on building a community of other incredible humans who want to shake things up, change their lives and question the status quo. You understand now why I got him on the podcast right? 

In today’s episode Rich speaks openly about trying new things, things that he got seriously pumped about and told everyone about and then… it didn’t end up turning out the way he hoped, but continuing to strengthen his mission and why each and every day. 

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