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Your step-by-step roadmap to take action and create and live a balanced life you LOVE.

On paper your life
“ticks all the boxes”…

You do your best to fit everything in – if it’s on your to-do list, you’re getting it done!

And even though ticking things off your to-do list makes your little high achieving heart happy…

You can’t help feeling like there’s something missing…
More time with family and friends would be nice.
More time away from scrolling socials.
More time focused on upping your vitality.
More time for hobbies and creativity (wait, what’s that again?)
More time to exhale and be truly present in the moment!

You know, MORE time really living.

But how are you meant to start really living when you struggle to prioritse anything other than work?

Hi, I’m Candice!

Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker, FUN-ONLY workshop presenter & podcaster *exhale*.

I’m here to help you perform better than you’re performing now (both in & out of the workplace).

And you? You’re probably here because you (or your team) are feeling completely overwhelmed.

Physically and mentally exhausted, feeling stuck, bored and unsure all at the same time (such a terrible combo of emotions). But here’s the thing.

The overwhelm and mental exhaustion don’t just disappear overnight.

Your mojo, your oomph, your up & go – that doesn’t magically reappear.

You don’t wake up one day and suddenly start loving your life and your job.

Why? Because you’re missing the most important piece of your puzzle.

💎 Clarity (cute, huh? – not so cute when it’s MIA).
💎 Clarity on the what & why that’s holding you back from doing what you want.
💎 Clarity on who you are now & who you want to become.

I once found myself where you are now – my life looked great on paper but I was just going through the motions. Simply existing and doing what I had to do to make it to the end of the week…before doing it all over again.
I KNEW things needed to change but I resisted it for SO long because to me personal development was a big snooze fest.

I’m smart…

…so I should be able to figure out how to create a more balanced life for myself right?

Well, I was wrong.

The problem was I kept waiting…
Waiting to feel better
Waiting for other people to change
Waiting for things to change on their own

Everything I’d tried up to that point hadn’t worked…

But I soon realised it was up to ME to make the changes and it became my mission to build a more balanced life and actually start living my dream life.

Fast forward to today – EVERYTHING has changed and I’m living a life I LOVE every single day. I now coach amazing humans just like YOU to move from having a good life…to an EXCEPTIONALLY AWESOME FULFILLED life.

Over the last couple of years I’ve turned everything I know about human behaviour and personal development, and created a life-changing program to help you create the balanced life (filled with all the good stuff) you NEVER thought was possible.

It’s a big call I know – but helping my clients to look forward to MONDAY (not just Friday afternoon) is my jam…



Your step-by-step roadmap to take action and create and live a balanced life you LOVE.

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You know you want a balanced life that feels fulfilled, fun and exhale-worthy

BUT you have absolutely no idea how to make it happen…

That’s where PEAK ST8 comes in.

Over 8 weeks you’ll be guided through some of the top tools and strategies to take you from just “existing” to living a beautifully BALANCED life you actually never thought was possible (and then you’ll want to be one of those people who brags about it to all your friends!).

This is everything I wish I had when I started my personal development journey (you are so welcome!)…

When you sign up for Peak ST8

You get:


8 pre-recorded module lessons delivered into your private learning portal over 8 weeks – all designed to support you to create your version of a balanced life and achieve more than ever before


Enter the “Friday Jumpstart” – the best part of your week, where you take time to reflect on the week that was, and then set yourself up for success for the following week (before going into the weekend)


Unlock all the tools you need to build on what you learn inside PEAK ST8 and continue prioritising rest, happiness, presence, and FUN in your life every single day!

PEAK ST8 has been designed in a way that’s simple, fun and easily digestible so you can continue to implement, grow and see long-lasting results long after the program is over.

Your life won’t be the same after 


By the end of PEAK ST8,

you’ll have:

  • Created new habits that actually help you live a more balanced life
  • Found the time to do more of what you love and have started living the life you’ve been dreaming of (but too busy working to live it)
  • Felt better than you have in a really long time (if at all!)
  • Realised what matters most to you and now have the tools and strategies to make sure it stays your top priority
  • Redefined what "success" looks like for you and be crystal clear on how to make it happen

When you take action and do the work you’ll get to the end of the 8 weeks and pinch yourself that this is YOUR life and you’re actually living it!




Pay in Full Payment of

All prices are AUD including GST

Payment Plans

3 x Monthly Payments of $460 or
6 x Monthly Payments of $230

All prices are AUD including GST

With over 50 PEAK ST8 Alumni
now living their best lives…

We must be doing something right

So here’s what they have to say about it…

These kinda results are possible for you too –
if you decide you’re ALL IN and ready to do the work.

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Before you commit to changing your life – there are some things you might want to know FIRST…

When does PEAK ST8 start?

When you sign up you get INSTANT ACCESS to the program hub in Podia. Then each week a new module will be delivered straight into the program hub for you to dive into and work through.

How much time is required to learn this?

I’d recommend setting aside around 90 minutes a week to learn and implement – remembering you get what you put in. So if you want that balanced, incredible, cant-wait-to-get-out-of-bed life that you LOVE – you gotta do the work.

How do I access the program content?

All pre-recorded modules and resources will be uploaded weekly into Podia (aka your private learning portal). Your access to the program hub will be unlocked immediately upon sign up.

How long do I have to complete PEAK ST8?

PEAK ST8 is an 8-week course, however you will have access to the course and all of the resources for 6 months. Please note: I don’t want PEAK ST8 to be another course you never finish – no one wants that for you.

Have another question?

I love questions! Send it on through to

PEAK ST8 is not another personal development course you leave untouched and never implement

Because if you want the “pinch me” kinda life you’ve always dreamed of – it’s up to YOU to do the work and make the changes in your life. The people who go through PEAK ST8 and get exceptional results and who see the flow on effect to all aspects of their lives are those who DO THE WORK.

The good news?

I’ve done the hard part for you (i.e. loads of trial and error), and now I’m giving you my step-by-step roadmap to help you take action and create and live a balanced life you LOVE.



Are you in?

Stop waiting to start living your life

Sign up to PEAK ST8 and get started TODAY!

Pay in Full Payment of

All prices are AUD including GST

Payment Plans

3 x Monthly Payments of $460 or
6 x Monthly Payments of $230

All prices are AUD including GST

I’m ready to be a PEAK ST8er