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From disliking meditation, to loving it

If you had of told me a year ago that I would be recording this episode of the Shake Up Podcast, I would have said absolutely no way, not me. In all honesty, I used to say that meditation isn’t essential at all on a personal development journey. Until, 4 weeks ago I began the 75 hard challenge (for the second time) and I committed to completing 10 minutes of meditation per day for 75 days. 4 weeks in and I am hooked, so let’s talk about what’s changed.

In today’s episode we discuss: 
🔸 My past experience with meditation and what changed everything for me
🔸 Why I avoided meditation and the misconceptions I once believed
🔸 The reasons I now love meditation
🔸 How you can start meditating too and the benefits of doing a little bit each day

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I get people excited about Monday’s, and turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. This life of ours is no dress rehearsal, which is why I’m dedicated to making sure we all make it an absolute goodie.

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