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Embracing Duality in 2024, with Maddy White

I clicked with this incredible woman as soon as I met her and today you get to see why.

Maddy White is the founder of ‘The Conscious Chiropractor,’ practicing across the Sunshine Coast.

Maddy is a certified meditation, yoga and breath-work instructor, and a huge advocate for cold therapy exposure. Maddy works closely with stressed out and anxious individuals to relieve and regulate their nervous system and bring awareness to one’s body and mind.

I was blown away by my first ever chiropractor appointment with Maddy and I cannot wait for you to hear more about Maddy’s area of expertise.

In today’s episode we discuss:
🔸 Maddy’s definition of chiropractic therapy and it’s purpose in regulating the nervous system
🔸 The misconceptions of chiropractic and finding a practitioner that suits you
🔸 Duality: understanding what it looks like in practice
🔸 How our body impacts our mood and ripples into our life and the impact chiropractic care impacts our mindset
🔸 An exciting collaboration that is going to change your life

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