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episode 18 the shake up podcast

Changing Your Perception of Sales, with Tim Castle

Today on the podcast I am joined by Tim Castle. Tim is a best selling author, entrepreneur and success coach. He works with ambitious individuals, companies and startups to help them achieve their big goals, dreams and vision, negotiate their value, expand their business through Momentum Sales and experience more success as a result.

His latest book The Momentum Sales Model is now a bestseller in multiple markets and has been credited for a plethora of fresh perspectives and new ideas in the world of sales.

Tim’s work has been featured in NBC, Fox, Entrepreneur, The Daily Mail, HR Magazine and many other publications.

His motto for life is ‘believe it is possible’ and his deepest passion and skill is planting a firm belief in you that it is possible and you can create an upward trajectory of winning that has a long term impact on your life and the pursuit of your purpose.

In today’s episode we discuss:

🔶 How Tim built the life he wanted, starting with a vision

🔶 Making necessary changes to change the trajectory of your life

🔶 The importance of momentum in life and in sales

🔶 Changing your perception of sales in business

🔶 Tim’s tips to shaking yourself up and changing your energy

🔶 Balance: is it possible to achieve?

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