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episode 21 the shake up podcast

Being Your Authentic You Online, with Tracey Spencer

Today I am joined on the podcast by Tracey Spencer. Farm chick turned barefoot keynote speaker, Tracey is a mama, Aries firecracker, business activator and mentor for legendary women who are hell bent on serving and creating a ridiculously abundant biz and life on their own terms. Known for her fire one-liners, spiritual straight-talk and funny as fuck business analogies, Trace writes, talks and teaches about owning your authentic power and going big with your lightwork. Since 2015 she has led and coached hundreds of women out of fear and into their creative power through one-to-one mentoring, mastermind group coaching, her Rock Your Light book, live speaking events, and the Live Your Lightwork podcast.

In today’s episode we discuss:

🔶 What being authentic looks like

🔶 The benefits of bringing your whole self to the table & being authentically you

🔶 Why we feel the need to put up a front & breaking through perfection

🔶 Showing up when things aren’t going your way

🔶 Tracey’s advice if you are worried about what other people will think of you being your authentic self

🔶 How Tracey shakes herself up when she is not in her creative rhythm

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