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Being in business is harder than it looks

We are getting vulnerable today! I’m going to share what happened last month in my business. My month last month didn’t go to plan, I had a day last month where I considered throwing my business in the bin and one day I cried more than I didn’t cry. So yeah, not what I was expecting but, I wanted to share how I have made the best of it and turned my perspective around by coaching MYSELF.

Before you chuck it all in the bin: these 3 strategies that will help you move through a hard patch.

Enjoy! Love, CH.

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Performance Coach, Life Enthusiast, Fast Walker & Picnic Lover.

I get people excited about Monday’s, and turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. This life of ours is no dress rehearsal, which is why I’m dedicated to making sure we all make it an absolute goodie.

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